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Delta Force Land Warrior Remix


Notice: Some insane virus scanners think that all programs downloaded are trojans or virusses. In case you notice these problems please download the zip version of the game click here. To install this you click "open", extract all files to a folder (for example "C:\dflw remix" then you open "setupreg.exe"). To play the game open "DisableVON.exe".
  • What is Delta Force Land Warrior Demo?
    Delta Force Land Warrior Demo is a free demo game. It was made by Novalogic but not supported anymore so we decided to make a new version of it. In this new version there are new buildings, terrains, vehicles, decorations,... from different version like DF2, DFLW full, DFBHD. You can download this game by clicking here.


  • Where do  I get it?
    You can download it here. Then click the 'Run' button to start the intaller and follow the on screen instructions.


  • System Requirements:
    Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista
    100 MB of diskspace or USB drive for playing at school
    3D graphics accelerator video adapter with at least 8MB of memory.
    Internet connection
    DirectX V7-8-9
    Realtek high difinition audio users need to use a small patch called 'joining session patch' (already included in the installer). Read More


  • Having a problem joining servers?
    -Download & run the joining session patch if you have a realtek high difinition audio sound card (game gets stuck at joining session when you click a server).
    -Download & run the ibrowse patch if you can't access the server list/lobby (make sure your firewall is not blocking the game).
    -Download & run the ibrowse patch if you can't read text at the server list/lobby.
    -Other problems? Feel free to send a mail to support@dfzone.be



  • How do I play the game?
    After you downloaded & installed it (click here to download) you need to load the game. Click the windows 'start' button, go to 'all programs' go to 'Delta Force Land Warrior Demo' and click the 'Delta Force Land Warrior Demo' icon to start the game. Now you see this screen:

    click the 'play on dfzone.be' button. You will get a new screen:

    In this screen you first click the 'change name' button and enter a new nickname. This nickname will be visible for other players in the game. After that you click the 'accept' button. You'll get a screen that says 'connecting' please wait a few seconds the game will load the server list. !!! if you have a firewall you should unblock the game (allow access on all ports) or disable your firewall. After a while you get this screen:

    Now click on the server name where you want to play. After that the game will join the server and you will be able to play with the other players.

    If you get stuck at a screen saying "joining session" it means that your firewall is blocking the game or you have a high difinition audio card which means that you need to run the joining session patch, this patch also has an icon in the start->programs->delta force land warrior menu like the game. It looks like this:  after you click that you click 'start the game' and that's it you will be able to join servers.

    Some basic controls:
    arrows: move left,right,...
    page up: stand.
    page down: prone.
    End: crouch.
    Space: jump or respawn after you are dead.
    T: Talk to other players.
    Y: Talk to your team only.
    1-0: weapon selection or mouse scroller.
    ESC: exit the game.
    Mouse left: fire.
    Mouse right: scope.
    Mouse scroll button: select weapon / scoop.

    More advanced controls:
    N: night vision.
    R: recent messages.
    M: Reload weapon.
    F7: send a message.
    F4: show/hide weapon.
    B: Binocolair.
    C: Commanders Map.
    Home: host info (for server only).

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