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JUAN: no i just have one installed but got that error. just when im trying to open
08-09-2013 1:38:am
tom: Maybe you can try this patch: [URL]
07-09-2013 8:28:am
tom: Do you have more than 1 lan messenger installed?
07-09-2013 8:27:am
JUAN: unexpected error, quitting thats the error
05-09-2013 11:51:pm
tom: what kind of error do you have?
22-08-2013 4:50:pm
JUAN: what about the lan msn have a error
22-08-2013 1:05:am
tom: juan, try to click 'save' in stead of open after download finished click open
11-08-2013 5:47:pm
mr_simo: am back
09-08-2013 4:13:pm
mr_simo: hi all
09-08-2013 4:13:pm
JUAN: i tried 5 times and got the same error what about lan msn ?
08-08-2013 12:51:am
tom: try download it again
07-08-2013 5:41:pm
JUAN: when i was downloading the game i got another error it says: the setup files are corrupted. pelase obtain a new copy of the program what i can do ?
07-08-2013 3:55:am
JUAN: hey i have a error with lan msn, just when im trying to open the program
06-08-2013 10:32:pm
Qtip: hey do you know the maxplayeraddress for the dflw10042.cfg folers. so the babstats uploader will work with the 64 player patch for dflw i got that code for the maxplayeraddress from Thor once before but my pc crashed an i had to reinstall everthing to host the New for xOx Outlaws till Rot returns. sure would be nice to get my uploader working so i could get the babstats back online for xOx Outlaws
07-07-2013 3:07:pm
tom: another thing you can do is download the DF:LW hosting tools to remove the stock maps from the game menu: [URL]
10-06-2013 5:47:pm
tom: u don't need to put the maps in the game folder, you need to select them in lan messenger and put rename= the name of the map you select in host options. Lan messenger will replace the map file when the game ends with a new one from the list but keep same file name.
10-06-2013 5:46:pm
krzlarry: yes i set to selected mision, and it plays and replays same map, but if i put maps in same folder as game, it plays stock maps and the maps i put there, but reverts back to stock maps, map luancher doesnt work, and lan doesnt work, i followed the url u put and did what you said, and still it doesnt seem to work right,
08-06-2013 1:58:pm
tom: which map did you select in the game?? did you put replay=selected mission in host options?
05-06-2013 4:26:pm
krzlarry: thank you tom but it still doesnt work, its s till playing only the stock maps, i even tryed uninstalling the entire game and reloading it, lan too, nothin, same problem, followed to the leter of your advice,
04-06-2013 5:57:pm
tom: take a look at [URL] then click on 'how to use auto host', first add some maps to the list then use 0A.BMS as rename option and click 'copy test map' (don't forget to select game folder), open the game and click the 0A.BMS and in host options put replay=selected mission, should work now
29-05-2013 5:48:pm
krzlarry: hey guys, sorry tom, but i have a question, in my fv game, while hosting, i cant get auto host to cycle the maps i load, it reverts to the stck maps and wont run any maps i load, any sugestions?
29-05-2013 12:03:am
tom: any error?
05-05-2013 3:38:pm
tom: don't know why not?
05-05-2013 3:38:pm
BushApe: cant dowload lan messanger any ideas? windows xp op. system
05-05-2013 1:59:am
TSA: oh stiver the moron of dflw....
26-04-2013 6:23:am
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